About us

“PHIL-COMMERCE” Ltd. was founded in 1992. It started its activity with the import of separators and homogenizers for the dairy industry.

Since 1994 we have started to manufacture individual machines and equipment for the dairy industry.

In the period 1994-1996 we began construction of complete facilities in the dairy industry. Several sites were built in the country, and in the period 1996-2000 we built three milk processing plants in the Ukraine. The largest of them is of “Poltava Gazprom”- city of Poltava.

The company expanded its activities by increasing exports of machinery, equipment and laboratories for milk analysis to Bulgaria’s neighboring countries: Romania, Greece, Macedonia, as well as Lebanon, Armenia, Azerbaijan, etc.

Since 2010, Phil-Commerce Ltd. has been developing a new direction in its activity - the treatment of wastewater from the production of dairies with biogas production The company is developing its first waste water treatment plant using French technology.

In 2013. Phil-Commerce Ltd. started its partnership with the Dutch technology and engineering company HydroThane STP. HydroThane’s technology is significantly superior to the previous technologies used. The plants built together with HydroThane exceeded the expected results in terms of biogas produced, purification efficiency, ease of maintenance and low operating costs