Waste water treatment with production of biogas

PHIL-COMMERCE is the official representative for Bulgaria of the Dutch technological and engineering company HydroThane STP, one of the leading in the world, in industrial waste water treatment with biogas production.

Waste water treatment technology

Depending on the characteristics of the effluent and the requirements of the authorities, anaerobic and/or aerobic treatment is used - in combination or separately. The system components are selected according to the specificities of the plant. Here we present a complete treatment scheme incl. biogas production and its storage.

Схема на процеса
  • Anaerobic treatment

    Treatment in biomass reactors in the absence of oxygen with biogas production. For treatment of industrial waters with a high COD and BOD load. Applied as a stand-alone step in case of municipal canal discharge or in combination with an aerobic when discharging the treated water in a river.

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  • Aerobic treatment

    Wastewater treatment with active sludge under oxygen supply. As a stand-alone facility at low COD and BOD5 levels, or as an addition to an anaerobic step to further treat and achieve discharge standards for a river.

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All projects

Design & Implementation Process

  • 1. Consultation and presentation of the technology

    During a meeting we will present you how a facility would work and explain in detail the technologies applied.

  • 2. Preliminary cost assumption and conceptual design

    Based on the laboratory effluent samples taken and the requirements of the Regional Environmental Protection Authority, a functional scheme is prepared and the estimated cost of the site is determined.

  • 3. Design and engineering

    Development of process and flow diagrams as well as design description by HydroThane STP Netherlands and subsequent technical design in all specialties by a team of Bulgarian designers. Assistance to the supervising company in the process of project approval in the respective municipality and obtaining a building permit.

  • 4. Technical assistance for applying for various funding programmes

    Assistance to the consultants in applying for subsidies under European Funds, State Fund for Agriculture, Norwegian Fund, etc.

  • 5. Construction, commissioning and start-up.

    Within five to six months after completion of the building construction part, we will install the wastewater process equipment and power your boiler with the produced biogas.

  • 6. Maintenance and Troubleshooting

    You can always rely on our assistance during operation. Warranty and out-of-warranty service will be provided.

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